My Passion for Cornhole

When I was in college, cornhole was first catching on as a fun game for tailgates and outdoor parties. I always enjoyed trying to build things on my own, so I got to work on my own personal cornhole set. After completing my set exactly as I envisioned, I proudly toted it with me to parties and events.

Eventually numerous folks asked about my cornhole set, and requested I build personalized sets for them; and with that my first business was born. As I grew older and got a job in the real world, I left behind my labor of love, due to the large amount of manual time required.

Moving to Oregon in 2017, I noticed cornhole was not nearly as widespread as I was used to on the east coast, and I saw a need to be filled. As such, Gorge Games was started to spread the love of cornhole, and encourage friendly competition at all your upcoming events!

Please contact me with any questions, or when you are ready for your first cornhole set!